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The Town of Heath

     One of the "Jewels" of the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts is the little town of HEATH. The residents are known amongst themselves as "Heathens"! The town itself is quite small. You are looking at MOST of it right here!
Carroll Stowe     The REAL treasure is not the town but Carroll Stowe, a longtime resident of Heath.
Tractors lined up
    I first met Carroll one spring, several years ago, when he first began to put on his annual "Tractor show and swap meet". There aren't very many tractors at his show, but you'll notice there is a good representative sample of different brands.
     You can get to Heath by taking Route 2 to Charlemont, then take Route 8A north about 4 miles. Look for the sign to the Fairgrounds. I think it's the fourth right turn on 8A.
Tractors lined up        
     You might think that there is virtually NOTHING for swapping. What you have to do is meet Carroll, chat with him, tell him what you have, or what you NEED. Carroll's philosophy is if he can "hook up" two people who each have something to buy or sell that would be of interest to the other, THEN he considers the meet a success! Over the past few years, I have personally found one restorable tractor (maybe!), one "parts" tractor, three two-bottom trailer plows, and two sets of unused plow points, due to Carroll's "swap meet".
     This past year Carroll had his newly acquired 1947 International dumptruck on display. A few people who were younger than the truck were given a chance to drive it.
   The most popular attraction in the little town of Heath is the annual Fair at the end of August. The most interesting attraction to ME is the "Wagon Train" that Carroll organizes the last weekend of September.

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