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Louise      It's hard to take a picture of Louise. She's a female Khaki Campbell Duck, about five years old, and she's pretty skiddish and shy. On Thursday, November 18, 1999 she presented me with a brood of a dozen new little nieces and nephews. It's not recommended to hatch a brood this late in the season. BAD idea Louise!! Don't worry, you'll have HELP!
    Louise and her two "brothers" Huey and Dewey came here as left over orphan chicks that were unsold at a feed store. Louise would always lay eggs for about two months every spring. I always collected them. (They are tastier than chicken eggs.) This year Louise laid another clutch of eggs in August, but I disturbed her during barn cleaning and she stopped sitting on them. Those eggs were thrown away. In October she tried again. I figured it was already too cool out for the eggs to ever incubate properly, so I left her alone. So, look what HAPPENED!!

Little Duckies

     These guys are three days old in these pictures!!

The babies

    These little guys may have to come indoors if the weather gets too cold, too fast. Hey, their parents were raised in a cardboard box, and THEY turned out all right!

Little Duckie     If only they would STAY this little! Well... Ducks DO stay pretty (as opposed to chickens), but they don't stay little for very long!

See the duckies four months LATER!

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