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Disk Harrow Scrapers


     The above illustration shows the scrapers mounted on the bar of a John Deere Disk Harrow. Part number 1 is the clamp and part number 13 is the scraper. The scrapers serve TWO purposes: they actually DO scrape the dirt off the disks, but more importantly they break up clumps of sod that tend to get lodged between the disks. Without the scrapers, the disk harrow would quickly become nothing more than a ROLLER made out of sod.
     Above is one bank of a John Deere Model JB Disk Harrow. Most of the clamps are the offset type (KK 1897 BW RH, and KK 1898 BW LH), and they hold the straight scrapers (KK 370 BW). The clamp on the end is the straight type (KK 4232 B), and it holds the bent scrapers (KK 4235 B RH, KK 4236 B LH, KK 4237 B RH, and KK 4238 B LH).

Scraper clamps

Scrapers     In the photo above, the clamp on the left is the offset type; you need two different halves. The clamp on the right is straight, and both halves are the same. In the photo at the right, you can see how the two halves of the clamp are held together by a carriage bolt and they hold the scraper onto the square bar.

     Oh... You might be wondering why I call this implement a "Harrow", and not a "Disk". Well... I have the owner's manuals for these implements, and the John Deere Company calls them "Disk Harrows" right on the cover. Look at it this way: it is a TYPE of harrow that has DISKS instead of TINES. Take a look HERE for proof!

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