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Back of House

More shots of my house

     The first picture, up above, is the shot I used when I first put up my website. It was taken quite a few years ago, when the trees on the left were not big enough to obscure the house. I have taken this same picture about a million times since then.
    At the right is the same shot as the first one, but taken in the winter. And the last picture of the front of the house was taken from across the street before the trees over on that side got to be too big. The problem is that the house is way too close to the road, so I can no longer get far enough away from it to get the whole thing in the picture. If your browser is "Java enabled", please take a look at the snow applet. If that don't work, don't feel bad, but DO tell me what kind of browser you are using.

Front of house

See a winter shot, with the Snow Applet!

    The name of the tune is "No Place Like Home".


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