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A Pretty Girl is like a Meli Dee

Meli     Now I'm REALLY excited! I'm a covergirl! My first magazine cover was Yahoo Internet Life. That's appropriate, because I LIVE on the internet. One of my longterm goals is to get on the cover of "People", and the other is to be in the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated" Well, guess which one I got first?? Click HERE !!! I guess I'd like to be on "TV Guide" too, but wouldn't that mean I'd have to be on television first? Hey! THAT'S an idea! Or maybe a movie contract!! I could be in the remake of the remake of "Gone with the Wind in the Willows". That's the one where Mr. Toad gets involved with Scarlett O'Hara's granddaughter, and........... well, I don't want to spoil the plot for you!
Playmate of the Year     I haven't been on Cosmopolitan yet, but my agent is working on it! In the meantime, my appearance on this cover here is not too shabby!! No, you're NOT going to see the centerfold!! This is a family oriented page!! Maybe I need to be on the cover of "Rolling Stone", and hey, how about "Soldier of Fortune"? Don't forget, my "agent" is the same clown that put me in that "Bugs Bunny" getup! Something tells me there might be MORE where that came from, so I better watch out what I say. That same warped imagination can put me in some even WORSE predicaments. I almost had to make a cameo appearance in the movie "Poultrygeist". That's the one where Charles Bronson overfertilizes his tomato plants with chicken manure and........ oh, never mind!
Home         Don't forget, if you ever get lost, just click on this little tractor symbol that you'll find on the bottom of most of the pages. It will return you to Gene's Homepage, and from there you can quickly find your way back to ME again!
Take a look at the books! Take a look at the books!     No, I haven't appeared in a tractor book yet either! I know, this looks suspiciously like that same commercial again! If you like tractor books you can get them from! I have my OWN page in the bookstore now too! Take a look. I have listed some Of MY favorite things there, but you can look for YOUR favorite things in the search box at the bottom of the page. I wonder if I can figure out a way to get myself onto an page?? I know, I'll get glasses and try to make myself look intelligent! (hee hee)
Never mind my LEGS, look at the books!       Oh, in case anybody wondered. I'm not going to change my hair color.... I've had this "trademark" red hair since I started out. It wouldn't be ME without it, would it?
     I was going to ask my hairdresser to do a few different styles! But I thought twice about it. My "hairdresser" is that same clown that did the "Bugs Bunny" thing! So, you'd never know what kind of tricks he would pull!!
     Let me know what YOU think... RIGHT HERE.

"A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody"

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