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     When mowing, you go around the outside of the field, in a clockwise direction. The mower is on your right. When you come to a corner, you wait until the right-rear wheel has just passed the unmowed portion, then you lock the right brake and turn sharply to the right. The tractor pivots on that wheel, the mower actually swings backwards, and as you start along in the new direction, the mower cuts the part that it would have missed. Making these corners is almost an art-form! You really have to SEE it to appreciate it. It really IS poetry in motion!
Grass     The grass lays down neatly, in fact, TOO neatly! It really needs to be "tedded" or raked up into "windrows" in order for it to dry out evenly. Those are jobs for other implements. Both of those operations would involve turning the hay over, so that it can dry on all sides. Murphy's law dictates that it will rain at least once while a field of hay is drying. When that happens it is very important to turn it over several times after the rain stops.


    One of the most amazing things about the Number 5 Mower is how quiet it is! It looks like it would shake and rattle and make a racket. It shakes alright, but it doesn't make as much noise as you might think it's going to. It is a real joy to work with! Can you tell that this is one of my favorite old implements?


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