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Hi, I'm Meli.  I'll show you around!
     I'm Meli, and there's NO WAY I'm going to keep up with what's playing on the Halloween page!

    NEW!! If you want to look for CDs of some of the music you hear on this site, go to the "Music Section" of the Bookstore!!


G clefs don't really twirl like this!This piano plays itself!

The music selection
on this page is:

"Night on Bald Mountain"

By Mussorgsky

This piece of music was used in the "Halloween Sequence" in Walt Disney's animated film "Fantasia" in 1940.

    The music on the Halloween page MIGHT be the theme from the movie "Halloween", or "Tales From the Crypt", or who KNOWS what else!!

This thing is the control panel for the MIDI player.

Here are some "Oldies" Love songs:
With the lyrics, and a midi to match.

Wonderful World
And I Love Her
Twilight Time
My Prayer
I Love How You Love Me

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