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Hi, I'm Meli.  I'll show you around!
     Hi, I'm Meli..... I have been on the staff here at the web site for quite some time now. Gene has put me in charge of the music page! I will try to do my best to describe the music that is playing on the main page. But... if my description doesn't seem to match what's playing on there, don't blame me! Gene keeps changing the background music without notice, and he forgets to tell me to update this page.

    If you want to look for CDs of ANY music your heart desires, go to the "Music Section" of the Bookstore!! You'll find a few selections in MY little section of the store, too!!

     If you have any requests for "theme songs" to go with the current season, please email me, and I'll see what I can find. Or... if you HAVE a nice midi file that would be appropriate to the season, by all means... SEND it!! You'll find my email address RIGHT HERE.

G clefs don't really twirl like this!This piano plays itself!

   It's Memorial Day weekend and you'll hear "America The Beautiful" on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday you'll hear "Taps", with the second verse "echoed" from the FAR end of the field, followed by the "gun salute" and the drum roll that fades away to nothing.

I'm Meli, your hostess. Click on me and I'll show you around!

This thing is the control panel for the MIDI player.
Depending on your browser the music may play automatically
Or you may have to click, or double-click this thing.
If none of these things work, blame it on the browser wars!

Even with the advent of Netscape 4.75 and
Internet Explorer 5.0, MIDI files
still don't always play in a compatible way!

You'll find a whole section on Polish music HERE.

Here are some "Oldies" Love songs
with the lyrics, and a midi to match:

I Love How You Love Me
Wonderful World
And I Love Her
Twilight Time
My Prayer

Do you like to "SLOWDANCE"?
Well then... join me in "Dreamland", right HERE!

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