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Windows 95! Windows 98! Windows 2000!
Geez, I wonder how many windows
are on this page! I don't know
if I'll ever get around to upgrading to
Windows XP, who needs it? I always
like to stay one step BEHIND everbody
else. I still like the 5.0 versions
of Netscape and IE, and my Pentium is only
a 350. My computer doesn't even have a
brand name!
You may have noticed that this
page scrolls horizontally instead
of vertically. Why did I do THAT?
Just to see if I COULD!
All of the pictures on these pages were
taken with 35mm cameras and the images
were either scanned in from the prints,
or lately, scanned right from the nega-
tives during film processing. The anima-
tions are taken from various places on
the net, and so are the pieces of music
you hear. The entire layout of the pages
was done in "NOTEPAD", using only html
tags. No editor was used. I can't seem
to make small, subtle changes to a page
unless I understand ALL of the code. So
I just did it myself!
Being a photographer is a good excuse
to have a website, and having a website
is a good excuse to do some photography!

You don't really have to count all
the windows in order to return to the
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Well, congratulations, you made it!
You didn't count them ALL, did you?

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