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About Rainbows
and Irises

My last name is the Polish word for "Rainbow". It is spelled, in Polish, like this:

The cedilla, or "kreska" under the E makes the E sound nasal,
as if there were an N after it. So, in English we put an N there.

Ever since I was a kid I have liked irises. I've always grown them
in my garden, and have had good luck with them. Only later in life
did I find out that the iris is also known as the "Rainbow Flower".
I suppose this has something to do with Iris being the Greek goddess
of the rainbow. It turns out that the Polish word for iris is:

Which is the diminutive form of the word for rainbow, so literally,
"Little Rainbow"

The greek word for rainbow is Ouranio Toxo (sky bow), which is
similar to French "Arc-en-ciel". The Spanish is "Arco Iris"
The Greek spelling of Ouranio Toxo is:

And the greek word for Iris is, not surprisingly, "Iris", spelled:

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