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Trying to hide      Here it is, the first week of March and the pond has thawed enough so that the young ducklings can go for their first outing. This will serve TWO purposes: They need a bath real BAD, and their coop needs some attention. (If you know what I mean!) Here they are trying to hide in the corner behind a big rock and a snowbank. Their elders already abandoned them and headed for the pond.
     Although the duckies were outside briefly last November when they were three days old, I doubt very much if they remember it. They have never been in the water. They don't even know they are SUPPOSED to go in the water!!
    The duckies had to be shooed out of the corner and herded down to the pond and practically "pushed" in the water!! The three ducks already in the water are Huey, Dewey and Louise.

GIT down to the pond!!!

     Guess what?? The old saying "like a duck takes to water" is TRUE!!


"Splish Splash"

(I was Takin' a Bath)
Bobby Darin, 1958

See the duckies when they were little.
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